My First Wedding: Wedding Prep

It’s wedding day and you managed to control your emotions until,….BOOM! The day has arrived and you can’t seem to find what you need. You’ve started rushing, running around your house panicking. Or, you get to the venue and you can’t see anything because it’s super dark. Or maybe, the battery icon on your camera has turned RED, which typically means you only have a couple minutes to change your battery. Some of the smallest things we don’t think about that can happen, will happen. Just be prepared for the worst and your day will run as smooth as possible.

1. Pack your bags the night before.

This will help relieve stress and help you focus on your shots throughout the day. We’ve created a list of basic items we need for a successful eight hour day. This list includes our Canon 80D and 6D DSLR cameras, two external flashes, five Canon camera batteries, 20 Panasonic flash batteries, two 64GB Sandisk & two 32GB memory cards, Nikon lens cleaner, Air blower, Flash diffuser, our step stool, and fanny pack or canon personal bag. Oh, and please don't forget your business cards!

2. Bring your external flash to every event! Every photographer's worst nightmare is walking into a venue with a high vaulted ceilings and little, to no light. Do not go into any location thinking there will be enough light, because unless you’re outside, you will absolutely need an additional light source. If you don’t have much experience, watch YouTube videos to familiarize yourself and practice taking pictures at your church, because most churches have the worse lighting, unfortunately.

3. Pack all the memory cards you have! Just like an iPhone and computers, a memory card is susceptible to failure. You don’t want to be deleting pictures in the middle of a ceremony or suffer an error message. Be ready to add another memory card at any time!

4. The more batteries, the better! Not all venues will have an outlet close by and you should never be thinking about your battery life during any portion of the day. You don’t want to miss the kiss, the vowel exchange, or that sweet reaction of the dad when they give away their daughter. Those moments cannot be recaptured or duplicated. Make sure you replace your batteries before the start of each event. Trust me, you don’t want to be in the RED zone.

Be dressy casual and wear comfortable shoes! You will be on your feet, scurrying thru venues, walking up and down stairs, and dropping it low to capture the best images. The cutest shoes may not always be the best. Trust me, no one will be paying attention to the shoes, but if they do, you want them to match your appearance and not be noticeable. When I’m wearing all black, I wear my Dr. Scholls. I actually received compliments from a wedding coordinator and even a bride one time! You can’t go wrong with comfort and classy :)

One quick tip: stay in the zone!

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