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Wedding Day Tips


Get to know your bride and groom.


Scout your location if pictures do not suffice.


Set expectations for the couple.


Always have two cameras


Create a shot list and make sure your assistant has it available at all times.


Don't forget the accessories on wedding day!


Check your camera settings before you start shooting

Be the best YOU! Everything else will fa

Kyara Lombre

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Lead Photographer and Videographer for Lab House Studios, LLC. Screenwriter and active member of  Women in Film, Washington, DC Chapter. Visit my full  bio here


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Video Camera

Brittany Johnson

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University of Maryland Graduate student studying journalism and documentary film making. Writing stories that help feed imaginations.

My First Wedding: Wedding Prep

It’s wedding day and you managed to control your emotions until,….BOOM! The day has arrived and you can’t seem to find what you need....